Mobile Services

A key element of our service assurance and risk management strategy is provided by the mobile inspectorate whom operates as a standalone service or in conjunction with static services, offering a programme of security visits on a scheduled basis. Since 1 September 2012 it has been illegal for squatters to inhabit residential property. A major concern is the targeting of commercial premises by squatters and the repercussions for commercial landlords and insurers alike.

Our mobile patrol or vacant property inspection service (see below) provides you with a visible and cost effective security deterrent and a means of visually securing your property by checking for broken windows, signs of forced entry, suspicious behaviour and any abnormality that could threaten the security of a building, this service will accomplish more than you might expect. Supported by our accredited keyholding and alarm response service which is located in our 24-hour Control Centre in central London, mobile patrols offers a localised solution and a swift response to alarm call-outs.

  • Keyholding

    Universal is accredited to British Standard BS 7984:2008 for Keyholding and response services and we provide a keyholding service that is administered quickly and competently with the benefit of a single point of contact, 365 days of the year. The service is undertaken by trained security responders and reduces the administrative, health and safety and operational burden that would otherwise be borne directly by business owners or managers or devolved to nominated in house employees.

  • Vacant property inspections

    Whether occupied or not, you want the assurance that your premises and equipment are safe, secure, in a presentable condition and are free from deliberate or unintentional damage: it may also be a term of your property and contents insurance. We offer a dedicated property inspection service that undertakes external and internal visits to check the integrity of your premises, building, fixtures, fittings and furnishings. We will report upon issues such as: vandalism, squatters and travellers on site or structural damage and can also undertake other specific instructions such as meter readings. Prior to commencing this service we will undertake a full site and risk assessment and within 24-hours of each inspection we provide a report to you detailing the inspection, highlighting any problems that our inspector has noted.