Static Security

Just as the responsibilities and duties of security staff have developed over the years so Universal has invested in selection processes and training to ensure that the most suitable employee is picked and equipped for the specific type of security requirement on which they will be engaged. Because we have the experience of providing service to a broad cross section of clients encompassing a wide spectrum of business and organisational types we use our experience to tailor our solutions to provide you with a service that cost effectively fulfils your specific requirements.

As a matter of company policy Universal employs a workforce which is 15 percent in excess of the contracted staff headcount requirement to provide personnel for short notice cover and for planned and un-planned absence. This is a significant commitment which means that the procurer of outsourced services from Universal can be confident that they will achieve consistency of service twenty-four hours per day.

  • Front of House

    Security Officers

    Client staff and visitors expect to feel safe and secure in their environment at all times. From the moment a visitor or employee walks on to site our staffs provides assistance whilst confirming their right to access the premises and this will enhance the impression your guests take away. Our front of house staff are encouraged to understand not only the client and their business but also to project the client ethos in terms of appearance and etiquette and to be aware of the local geography. There is only ever one opportunity to make a good first impression.


    A front of house specialisation is the provision of Concierge staff, where focus is very much on personal service so we can represent and present your organisation in the best possible way. Concierge pay attention to the details, are personable and conscientious and provide a high degree of tact and diplomacy and a capacity to make judgements based on the merits of any given situation.

    Receptionists via Reception Only™

    The introduction of a specialist partner to meet your reception requirements provides Reception Only™ with the opportunity to demonstrate its capacity and experience of delivering high-quality solutions. We place an untypical emphasis on recruiting experienced candidates and as a fully managed service, optimise value by dispensing with the requirement for temporary staff to substitute holiday and sickness requirements. Distinct in their appearance, deportment and understanding of exactly how individuals like to be cared for our staff receive the specialist management, training and support that are deemed necessary in world-class reception teams. Reception Only™ offers a solution that is considered and appropriate to your environment, reflects your branding and which drives standards. First impressions count and our team is trained to greet and process guests and visitors in an efficient, pleasant and most of all positively memorable way.

  • Back of House

    Security Officers

    Although back of house staff may be out of sight they are supported by a high degree of Universal management visibility, a first-rate support structure and effective communication. It is vital that patrols, building and health and safety checks and procedures are thoroughly and expeditiously completed and events are properly investigated and documented. We have set the benchmark in this regard. Universal provide back of house staff with a blended training regime to ensure they have a rounded skillset and we select staff carefully to ensure that our people individually and as a team closely align with your objectives; we therefore achieve consistency of reporting and the attainment of common goals and targets.

    Control Room

    We ensure the investment you have made in technology is fully realised and leverage best-value from your Control Room through the staff that we provide. Our officers assigned to these posts hold the necessary core competencies and licences and operate in full compliance with the Data Protection Act. Control room staff once needed computer skills only in exceptional circumstances, but now the capacity for our staff working in control rooms to operate technically advanced applications is a prerequisite.

    Post room

    Universal maintains a post room service which includes receipt of mail, internal distribution to your staff or building occupants and liaison with couriers. For areas or premises of particular sensitivity we also operate X-ray scanners and similar equipment (we can also arrange for suitable equipment to be installed and maintained). Our senior management have experience of operating an international courier business and we have a verified training policy in relation post room services and activities. You can rest assured that by entrusting this important facility to Universal all correspondence and deliveries will be managed in a timely, safe and auditable manner.

    Building Managers

    We supply full-time Building Managers who manage site based teams and engage in the delivery of a range of designated premises services. Our role is to manage a number of support services on your behalf so that your staff can focus their attentions on core activities. This post forms an integral part of your facilities/building management department and acts as a central point of contact for all building users ensuring a responsive and professional service is maintained. In line with the wider Universal management ethos individuals working in management level positions will demonstrate qualifications that enable us to protect clients, their employees and tenants with building related health and safety legislation. Building Managers are obviously key to the success of service delivery but they are provided with a substantial Universal support structure to maximize their effectiveness.